Who can start a blog ?

Who can start a blog ?
Anyone who is interested in blogging can start a blog. Blog, a 4 letter word helped many to become rich and popular, you can find a few in YourStory.

One sweet thing about blogging is, you can write about anything like technology, news, entrepreneur, shopping, reviews, business, cooking, cinema, money making online, SEO etc..,

Many successful bloggers are not from IIT/IIM. They started a blog as their part time job and even few for their time pass and entertainments.

Actually what is blogging ?

Writing about something or anything regularly.


If you can do the below proven ways effectively then you can surely become a good blogger in less than 2 to 3 years, may be less than a year if people like the way you write and the content you are planning to write is really needed for many.

1. Interest to write and write

Are you interested to write more and more, because this is the core work needed for blogging like speaking for Marketing people. If you are really more interested to write, then blogging can be the best and interesting work for you.


2. Making everyone understand

How writing is important for blogging, similar way you should be able to explain better than anyone else in your core area.

Whatever you are planning to write in your blog ensure that it is very clear for your visitors.

If you really have a good stuff to explain complex things in simple way or explain with lot of images, designs, graphics,vides or step by step then really blogging will become your favourite job soon.

If you have this stuff, your visitors will become your readers, that is where the real success of the blog begins.

Visitors vs Readers ?

Visitors: Accidentally visit your site through searching or googling.
Readers: Enter your site and look for the posts and other updates.


3. Strong knowledge on core area

You started writing and explaining better about your core area. But you should really have strong knowledge on your core area. Because already many people are writing about everything, so to overcome the competition it is very important to have strong knowledge on core area to share interesting and very helpful contents/tips to your readers through your blog.

Knowledge vs Strong knowledge:

If you know only what to do and how to do that is knowledge.
If you know what to do, what should not be done and how to do, how should not be done then that is strong knowledge.


4. Keep updating yourself

What you are writing in your blog should be the latest and trendy info.

If you are planning to write about java, then many blogs are already there to tell everything about java. In this case you need to think what is the latest info about java, it is java 9.

Then explaining about java 9 will make your blog top in search engines and get more visitors and readers soon.

Because everyone has to learn and post about java 9 now only, because it is released recently, so no one can have all the idea about java 9 to post. So you need to come front and post everything about latest info first here java 9.

Same way if java 10 released next focus should be java 10 rather than continue posting about java 9.

It may vary little bit based on your own core area. But hope you understood what I am trying to tell.

Research more and share first:  

You need to do lot of research and post about your core area, then you will surely get and have lot of readers without any doubt.


5. Sharing the secrets

Because of your researches you would have got some secret behind your core area. That you must share often to feel your readers that only from you they can get those secrets and tips.

This way not only help to get more visitors, it also help your visitors/readers to engage more.
Hope you got some positive idea on “who can start a blog?”.

I wish you all for your new blogs!

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