How to create a sticky header in wordpress ?

How to create a sticky header in wordpress ?

Sticky header by thematosoup is one of the good plugin to achieve sticky header in wordpress, because it is simple to configure and comparatively good rated plugin for sticky header functionality.

How to create a sticky header in wordpress ?


It provides lot of customization which includes,

1. Selecting the menu

If you are having more than one menu then which you want to display in the sticky header menu can be selected easily from theme customization.


2. Logo on sticky header

Logo can be added to the sticky header. But height of the logo must be 30px.


3. Background color and text color

Background and text color can also be customized for sticky header. We have to either select the color or give the hexa code of the color directly to maintain own theme color/look and feel.


4. Width of the sticky header can be customized


How to create a sticky header in wordpress ?


5. Responsiveness

Hide if width is less than field help us to customize much better in mobiles and tablets. By mentioning the width here we can stop displaying the sticky header for mobile/tablets.

This option help us to show/hide the sticky header based on the device size (like mobile/tablets/laptop/computers etc.,)


6. Scrolling

When to enable/bring sticky header can also be customized by giving the pixel value, so if the value is crossed the mentioned value, only then sticky header will be displayed.

By scrolling down user can be provided with the sticky header for easy navigations.


Things to Note:

  1. I could not find a option to enable the search button in the sticky header, if it could have been provided then it would have really helped many blogs including e-commerce sites.
  2. Dropdowns are not enabled in the sticky headers.


If you are really in any of these needs (searching field or menu dropdowns option in sticky header) then this is not really the correct plugin for you.


I used this plugin in wordpress for sticky header. It really worked well in key aspects. If you are in similar need then you can also start using Sticky header by thematosoup plugin and share your comments in the comments section.

Also If you have used any other plugin to achieve the sticky header functionality then mention it in the comments section below to help someone.


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