How to create a mobile recharge website ?

How to create a mobile recharge website ? Hi All, After lot of browsing, surfing and googling I have found the way to create the online recharge website. I have also created a readymade recharge script to help anyone to start their online recharge business like paytm and freecharge without any of these below steps.


We have stopped selling this script, do you want to us to continue doing the same ? Then comment your thoughts in the comments section accrodingly brand new script will be planned and released.

Few of our recent online recharge script customers:

Here are the steps,

1. First you need to contact any of the mobile recharge API service provider, I recommend they are good with price and customer service. But we have to pay them only via amount transfer or direct bank deposit.


I don’t have any link with, so it’s your own risk. But I did not face any issue with them in the last 3 years. [using their API in and Readymade Recharge Scripts – both b2b and b2c(paytm/freecharge clone)].

2. provides the main business part source code in php, you can directly integrate with your site. If you plan to launch your site in java or any others then probably you need to write the code. If needed I am ready to help you as freelancer!

3. You need to have a database which must stores the transaction details such as (transaction id, amount of recharge, mobile number, user info, date and time of recharge, recharge status).


This is only the main business table, you will need other tables like user table for user details, verification table, password table, order table, wallet table etc for a complete recharge site needs.

Buy the readymade script from us and start your site in just 2 days with your own branding. 

Yes It’s that simple.

4. You need to design one page which gets all the details from user such as (mobile number, recharge amount and the recharge operator) and all the above details will be processed with our main business part code and the result will be stored in our database and you must design another page which is needed to show the status of the recharge. Meanwhile you need to send the same info to user mail id.


If you are planning to start b2b recharge site then till step 4 is enough to create it. But if you are planning to start paytm/freecharge clone script then you need to integrate the payment gateway.

5. If you are planning to integrate payment gateway with your site then you probably wanted to register your company and you can reach ccavenue or payumoney or ebs.

ccavenue pricing

payumoney pricing

ebs pricing

There are many other payment gateways including free setup gateways like paytm payment gateway, kindly check with them and post the details in the below comments area.

If you are looking for the readymade recharge script or paytm clone script or freecharge clone script, then look at

Online Recharge Script 3.0 Download Now


Overview of Online Recharge Script 3.0:[Download Instantly]

Jolo API Integrated

Payumoney Integrated

Fully Responsive [Both user and admin panel]

PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Bootstrap used to develop it.

Easy setup with Admin Panel

12 Different Themes

Wallet Integrated

Coupon facility integrated

Mail facility integrated

Email OTP enabled admin login to avoid security issues.

Much more, we are continuously developing the script to provide great features with ultimate security.

Thanks for reading this article. If you have used any other recharge API/Payment gateway or something to share related to this article kindly share it in the below comments section.


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