How can I earn money with my own recharge website ?

How can I earn money with my own recharge website ?
Good question. Some years back vijay shekar sharma (Founder, Paytm) and kunal shah (Founder, Freecharge) would also had a thought about this question and this online recharge website business model. Nowadays Recharge is also one of the most important thing for people like food and cloth. Because all are spending max of their times with mobile, in focus fb and whatsapp which needs internet/wifi, but both needs to be recharged or payment should be made and all know no one is running to the shops.
Starting a recharge website is a good idea to earn really some money, atleast if your fb and whatsapp contacts alone recharges in your own website.

In a calculation, imagine you have 500 contacts and do their mobile, family people mobile and bill payments through your website, then you can earn around 10k monthly easily after all the expenses.


How to earn with recharge website ?

If someone is trying to recharge for Rs. 100/-. Then you may get upto Rs. 3 or 4 as a commission from the network provider/API providers.


So Can I tell Rs. 3.5 is the profit in average for Rs. 100/- recharge ?

No. Because you need to pay a commission to the payment gateway as well. Because they are the one responsible for transfer the money from our users credit/debit/netbanking to our account.


Oh, how much should I pay need to pay payment gateway?

It’s really a tricky question, because all the different payment gateways has their own charges. You can check with everyone and find the cheap/minimum charge payment gateway to save good stuff this side.

In calculation, if payment gateway takes Rs. 1(in average) for Rs. 100/- then you can get Rs. 2.5 as a net profit for Rs. 100/- single transaction.

Can you make 100 transaction by working sometime in it on a daily basis? Then you can make Rs. 250/- per day which looks really great amount to start with. Ofcourse, you will have high commission for DTH and Data cards which really help you to round up Rs. 10k easily by working just sometime on it.

Once in a while, give some offers to your most recharged users/friends to keep them with your site, which takes your business slowly to good growth.

If you can keep secured wallet in your site, then people love keeping their money (atleast some minimal amount) in their wallet, which provides easiness for them for quick recharge. The same you can use at the background as a investment to make your business better and growing everyday.
Feel worthy to start the online recharge business?, just get this ready made online recharge script, which really saves your lot of time with the basic features. Enhance it with your own thought to make it better, unique, launch and earn.

All the very best!

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