Open JDK vs Oracle JDK – Every Java developer should know

Oracle JDKOpen JDK
Full FormOracle’s Java Development Open Java Development Kit 
Download Link
Licenselicensed under Oracle Binary Code License Agreementlicensed under GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).
Commercial LicenseRequiredNot required
SupportLong term supportShort term support
Developed byOracleOracle, OpenJDK & Java community
Maintained & Supported ByOracleOracle and OpenJDK community
Base Price$2.5 / userFree
PerformanceTechnically same, but oracle focus better JVM Performance (better garbage collection options)Technically same build process, but lack of performance.
FeaturesFlight Recorder, Java Mission Control, and Application Class-Data Sharing featuresFont Renderer feature.

Oracle JDK Price List

Starts from $2.5/user for the range between 1 to 999 users and the least price is $1.25 if the users are between 20,000-49,999 range.

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