How to create book price comparison website ?

How to create book price comparison website ?

 Book Price comparison:

Comparing the book price with many online stores and displaying all the online store prices in single place (in our site) is basically an ultimate thing to make money through affiliate commissions and also to help our users/customers to find the cheapest price without roaming all the online shops to [roaming over all the online sites] check the price.


Why we need book price comparison site ?

Nowadays people are so busy and they don’t have patience to search the prices in all the websites separately. So they are looking for the consolidated price details in one place to choose the best and cheap online shop.


How to earn with book price comparison website?

You can get the affiliate commissions for all the purchase made in any of the online shops through your site, if it is affiliated.


How much I can earn for a transaction or a book purchase ?

If your user bought the book of Rs. 100 then you will be getting a affiliate commission of Rs. 6 to Rs. 10 based on the affiliate commissions which online shop provides you.


Everything looks fine. How do I get the book price of their websites ?

You can get either of these ways,

  1. Directly taking the price details from the online shops through their own API’s or your own logics/algorithms.
  2. Lot of third party API’s are existing in the market to provide all the online shop prices. [Eg: dataweave].


Do I need to pay any money for third party API’s to access the online shops prices using their API?

Many free and paid API’s are there, you can pick any one based on your need. Even if you want to pay some money, you can pay since you will also be getting some amount from online shops if any purchase is made through your site.


Will user purchase through my site ?

Obviously yes. Because after finding the cheap price in your site, they will not prefer to go to online shop and find the same book, since no amount difference will be for user through your site/direct online shop site and also it’s an additional task to the user which makes nothing to them.


Is there any live price comparison website ?

Yes many. is also one among that.


How to create it ?

We are planning to sell the readymade book price comparison website with source code. In this you can directly integrate with any third party API you want.


Even we are helping to directly scrap the price details from the online shops. In this way you do not want to use any third party API’s too.



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