Design your website within 60minutes…!!

Step 1: Buy domain name (eg: and hosting (space to store your website contents on the server).

You can buy domain names and host spaces from,

  4. etc…


Note: you can register domain names and host spaces with different persons. Buy the host spaces based on your language, means if your page is asp then you need to buy windows hosting and if your page is java then you need to buy linux hosting.

Step 2: Once you have registered your domain name, then they will send you the control panel username and password.

Step 3: Login with your credentials and update the domain name server names which has been provided by the host registrar.

For your understanding consider the below criteria,

That is, you have registered your domain name with and you have registered your space with, then by entering the hioxindia server names in control panel you can map your domain name and server. It will take around 48hours to map your account.

Step 4: Now you will get the mail from host registrar for the cpanel credentials. Login with that and search the wordpress and install it.

Step 5: Then you will receive the wordpress credentials, with the help of that you can easily post and customize your website.


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