5D – Best Productivity / Time Management Methodology

I have been struggling many days to manage the time properly for everything including health, personal, office works & friends/relatives.

But recently I have learnt about this 5D productivity methodology and able to manage my time better than past. And I also feel that everyone can easily follow this method and here is the more details.

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Try to drop/delete any task which satisfies any of these, and you need to always remember this when you get the task. In official tasks which may not be possible but atleast try to keep this rule in mind always to find the place to implement,

  • No learnings/earnings
  • Not within your strength / core area
  • Not interesting to explore new things / new opportunities
Delete, Dustbin, Garbage Can, Garbage Disposal


When you are not able to drop or delete the task, then you need to find whether the task can be delayed or low prioritized, so that you will always have good time to work on top priority items.

Time, Stop, Silhouette, Man, Work, Clock, Watch, More


Not able to drop and delay? then divide the tasks into smaller parts possible and run the same above steps again for each divided task to remove some scope of the task and plan to concentrate always on the most important taks.

Here you can also follow 2min rule (the rule says, if the task can be completed within 2mins then instead of doing all these steps just get this done).

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By the time you reach here itself, most of the low priority tasks are addressed and still here we are going to follow the delegate rule, which basically helps to delegate the right task to right people.

Personally, I was lagging here and recently only I started addressing this issue. Have some great contacts and assign the right task to right person and get that done more quickly and also effectively, instead of learning and focusing everything yourself.

Center, Manager, Businessmen, Delegate, Delegation


Still some tasks are pending then its really very important and can be done only by you. So focus on these items alone and be more productive than before.

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I am not sooo good in english writing, but I just want to share the best productivity method I came across, tried and more importantly really worked well for me. So feel free to share your thoughts in the below comments section.

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